The Times

Sajid Javid was right to call out Asian grooming gangs, The Times, 23rd October 2018

Published: Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Growing up in an Indian Sikh family in Derby, I remember how relatives and friends reinforced prejudice about British women to perpetuate a “them and us” culture. We don’t behave like them, I was told — white girls have no honour, dress immodestly and lose their virginity too easily. My community referred to them as […]

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The Observer

MPs are failing victims of forced marriage, says charity, The Observer, 7th October 2018

Published: Wednesday 10th October 2018

The outgoing head of a leading British charity has launched a scathing attack on the government’s failure to tackle forced marriage, saying she feels “let down by the lack of leadership” and warning that more children will suffer as a result. Jasvinder Sanghera, who announced she was stepping down as head of Karma Nirvana after […]

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Survivor Ambassadors

Karma Nirvana launch survivor’s website

Published: Wednesday 10th October 2018

The Survivor Ambassador Panel was established in 2013 and enables survivors to come together in a safe space to share stories with like-minded individuals, reduce isolation and develop a new emerging community. It is for those who wish to rebuild their lives, often in absence of family or living with fractured relationships. This newly developed website is dedicated to growing the achievements […]

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Beyond Shame

BBC Breakfast: Forced Marriage and ‘Beyond Shame’

Published: Tuesday 11th September 2018

Forcing someone to get married against their will is a criminal offence, it carries a maximum sentence of seven years. But despite this, the number of cases of has risen by 80 per cent in the last year. A charity set up to help victims of the crime is marking its 25th anniversary with a […]

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Jasvinder Sanghera

25 years of Karma Nirvana: Play ‘Beyond Shame’ hits the stage

Published: Wednesday 5th September 2018

Jasvinder’s vision of marking 25 years of Karma Nirvana was to develop a play that was underpinned by the charity’s work, based on her bestseller ‘Shame’. Thursday sees the vision realised as the play ‘Beyond Shame’ hits the stage. Forced marriage is characterised by silence. The silence of young women and their silent, photograph fiancés. […]

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Government accused of inaction as number of British girls forced into marriages abroad has soared by a third, The Independent, 19th August 2018

Published: Monday 20th August 2018

“The number of girls being forced into marriage ahead of the summer holiday period has increased by more than a third in recent years, according to a leading charity which has accused the government of an abject failure to get to grips with the problem”, writes Maya Oppenheim in The Independent. Karma Nirvana condemned the Home Office for shelving a campaign raising awareness […]

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Jasvinder Sanghera being interviewed by SkyNews

UK ‘giving visas to husbands of forced marriage victims’, Sky News, 2nd August 2018

Published: Saturday 4th August 2018

The Home Office has been accused of failing to help British victims of forced marriage by issuing visas to their foreign husbands. An investigation by The Times newspaper claims that dozens of women who were sent overseas to marry tried to block visas for their husbands. But records show in nearly half their cases, visas […]

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The Guardian

UK accused of turning blind eye to forced marriages to grant visas, The Guardian, 2nd August 2018

Published: Saturday 4th August 2018

The Home Office has failed to protect British women and teenage girls forced into abusive marriages by granting their foreign husbands visas, charities have said. Officials dealt with nearly 90 cases of victims trying to block visas last year, although almost half were still issued, data obtained by the Times suggests. Women and girls are […]

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Jasvinder Sanghera receiving an Honorary Doctorate of Law from De Montford University, Leicester

Jasvinder receives Honorary Doctorate of Law from De Montfort University, Leicester

Published: Tuesday 24th July 2018

Jasvinder Sanghera has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Law from De Montfort University, Leicester, for her campaigning for the rights of those experiencing forced marriaged and honour-based abuse. She received an Honorary Doctorate from Derby University in 2009.

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Jasvinder Sanghera and David Cameron

Jasvinder leads Australia’s first forced marriage conference, 18th June 2018

Published: Thursday 5th July 2018

Australia’s first conference on the topic of forced marriage starts on Monday at the UTS Faculty of Law. Two of the speakers are from the United Kingdom, where the first prosecution since forced marriage was criminalised has just been completed. The mother of a Pakistani British girl was sent to jail. Read the full article […]

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