The agony of the British girls being forced illegally into marriage, Daily Mail, 15th June 2018

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

On the outskirts of a remote village in Bangladesh, an 18-year-old girl runs for her life down a dusty track. Screaming with fear, she falls into the arms of a waiting police officer who immediately bundles her into a nearby car. The teenager is so terrified that she wedges herself into the footwell, begging them to drive as fast as they can. Prepared for such an eventuality, the police have put in place roadblocks that successfully stop her pursuers in their tracks.

But from whom had she been fleeing? And why was she so scared? The answers will shock many in Britain. Because, while her terrifying ordeal may have unfolded thousands of miles away, its roots are very much in this country.

The young woman was born and raised in Leeds. She had recently sat A-levels and was planning to go to university. But, unknown to her, her parents had very different ideas. On the pretence of a family holiday, they travelled to Bangladesh, their home before moving to Britain. Once there, they announced that their daughter was to be married — to her first cousin.

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