25 years of Karma Nirvana: Play ‘Beyond Shame’ hits the stage

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

Jasvinder’s vision of marking 25 years of Karma Nirvana was to develop a play that was underpinned by the charity’s work, based on her bestseller ‘Shame’. Thursday sees the vision realised as the play ‘Beyond Shame’ hits the stage.

Forced marriage is characterised by silence. The silence of young women and their silent, photograph fiancés. The silence of policymakers as they avert their eyes. Your silence as you squint into your memory and try to reconcile the Britain you live in with the Britain I’m telling you about. But Jasvinder Sanghera won’t be silent.

The daughter of a Derby Indian Sikh family, Jasvinder Sanghera watched her sisters vanish to become the invisible wives of invisible men in invisible houses.

Among a crowd of silent spectators, she watched her sisters become increasingly unhappy. So when, aged 15, Jasvinder was withdrawn from school expected to marry a man she’d never met, she broke the silence. She said no.

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