Jasvinder Sanghera

Jasvinder Sanghera: New Adventures to Share!

Published: Wednesday 10th October 2018

I wished to share the news that I have decided to step down as Chief Executive Officer of Karma Nirvana. I established Karma Nirvana as a result of personal experiences and the loss of my dear sister Robina whose death by suicide was a result of honour abuse. Much of my conviction was related to […]

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Beyond Shame

BBC Breakfast: Forced Marriage and ‘Beyond Shame’

Published: Tuesday 11th September 2018

Forcing someone to get married against their will is a criminal offence, it carries a maximum sentence of seven years. But despite this, the number of cases of has risen by 80 per cent in the last year. A charity set up to help victims of the crime is marking its 25th anniversary with a […]

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Jasvinder Sanghera

25 years of Karma Nirvana: Play ‘Beyond Shame’ hits the stage

Published: Wednesday 5th September 2018

Jasvinder’s vision of marking 25 years of Karma Nirvana was to develop a play that was underpinned by the charity’s work, based on her bestseller ‘Shame’. Thursday sees the vision realised as the play ‘Beyond Shame’ hits the stage. Forced marriage is characterised by silence. The silence of young women and their silent, photograph fiancés. […]

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Jasvinder Sanghera being interviewed by SkyNews

UK ‘giving visas to husbands of forced marriage victims’, Sky News, 2nd August 2018

Published: Saturday 4th August 2018

The Home Office has been accused of failing to help British victims of forced marriage by issuing visas to their foreign husbands. An investigation by The Times newspaper claims that dozens of women who were sent overseas to marry tried to block visas for their husbands. But records show in nearly half their cases, visas […]

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Jasvinder Sanghera

Woman of the Week: Why Jasvinder Sanghera is still fighting to support victims of forced marriage, Stylist, 9th May 2018

Published: Thursday 10th May 2018

Woman of the Week is Stylist’s weekly celebration of women making a difference to society. After escaping a forced marriage as a teenager, Jasvinder Sanghera set up a national charity to support other survivors – and over the last 25 years, she’s helped thousands of women. Aged 16, Jasvinder Sanghera made a decision that would change her life forever. […]

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Jasvinder Sanghera

Big Questions: Jasvinder Sanghera CBE on Forced Marriage, Freedom and Karma Nirvana, Rights Info, 5th May 2018

Published: Wednesday 9th May 2018

We talk to best-selling author and campaigner Jasvinder Sanghera about leaving school at 15, fleeing a forced marriage, and founding her award-winning charity Karma Nirvana. Jasvinder Sanghera CBE is a best-selling author, campaigner, and survivor of forced marriage. Twenty-five years ago, she founded Karma Nirvana, a national award-winning charity aimed at supporting victims of honour-based abuse […]

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Hardeep's Sunday Lunch

Jasvinder Sanghera on Hardeep’s Sunday Lunch, BBC Radio 4

Published: Tuesday 16th January 2018

On Sunday 14th January 2018, Jasvinder appeared on Hardeep’s Sunday Lunch on BBC Radio 4, talking to Hardeep Singh Kohli about her life. From the BBC Radio 4 website: Jasvinder Sanghera is the founder of Karma Nirvana, a charity which offers services and support to young women and men who are victims of ‘honour’ based […]

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Jasvinder at TEDx Bergen

TEDx Talk: Jasvinder Sanghera – Culture vs Safeguarding

Published: Monday 27th November 2017

Jasvinder Sanghera, a British-born of Indian descent, escaped a forced marriage at age 16 which resulted in her disownment by her own family. Since then she has fought against culture-based abuse and for embracing democratic values. Author, expert advisor and renowned speakers on the topic of forced marriage and honour-based abuse.

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Jasvinder Sanghera

Jasvinder Sanghera in Community Practitioner, August 2017

Published: Tuesday 15th August 2017

Surviving honour-based injustice Forced marriages, imprisonment, even murder. This is the reality for thousands of UK victims harmed by those who are meant to love them most – their families. Jasvinder Sanghera, CEO of charity Karma Nirvana, was one of them. “I was born in the UK, one of seven sisters, went to school here […]

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BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs

Jasvinder Sanghera on Desert Island Discs

Published: Tuesday 11th July 2017

Listen to Jasvinder on Desert Island Discs with Kirsty Young on 29th March 2013, via BBC iPlayer Radio

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