Jasvinder Sanghera (right), who refused a forced marriage as a teenager, with her daughter Natasha. Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian

Guardian 26/11/16

Published: Monday 28th November 2016

Forced marriage: ‘I broke the chain. I’m proud of that’ At 14, Jasvinder Sanghera ran away from home rather than suffer a forced marriage. She was determined her own children would be free to choose for themselves Read Joanna Moorhead’s interview with Jasvinder Sanghera in The Guardian:

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Jasvinder Sanghera and David Cameron

Serious Crime Act 2015

Published: Thursday 3rd November 2016

The Serious Crime Act 2015 received Royal Assent on 3rd March 2015.  The Act creates a new offence of controlling or coercive behaviour in intimate or familial relationships (section 76).  The new offence closes a gap in law around patterns of controlling or coercive behaviour in an ongoing relationship between intimate partners or family members.  The […]

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Jasvinder Sanghera

Jasvinder writes a column in the Telegraph on the Amina Al-Jeffery case

Published: Tuesday 30th August 2016

From The Telegraph, 4th August 2016: Here in Britain, there are communities and families who collectively shares beliefs and value systems designed to monitor a woman’s behaviour. They police their daughters, sisters and mothers to the point where they actually believe they are saving their lives by protecting them from the ‘evils’ of free thinking, […]

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Shafelia Ahmed

July 14th National Day of Memory

Published: Friday 15th July 2016

This day was the second national Day of Memory that honours the memories of those who lost their lives in cases of honour based abuse and was an opportunity to raise greater national awareness. The day in Newcastle was hosted by DJ and television presenter Bobby Friction, patron of Karma Nirvana. Leading speakers in the […]

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Shame 2016 – Updated with new material, Jasvinder brings her story up to the present day.

Published: Monday 9th May 2016

‘Shame brought me an empowering stepping stone to make a change, and experience life outside four walls.  When every other option failed, Shame became my guidance to map my escape and gather my belongings in order to achieve my dreams.’ ‘I have just finished Daughters of Shame.  I am a retired teacher and I could […]

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Radio 5 live logo

Interview on BBC Radio 5 Live

Published: Friday 6th May 2016

Jasvinder was interviewed on The Afternoon Edition of BBC Radio 5 Live, talking about honour based violence, forced marriage and the new edition of her book, Shame. The show was broadcast on Wednesday 27th April will only be available to be listened to for thirty days after broadcast. Jasvinder’s interview takes place at 1hr 22 […]

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Jasvinder Sanghera at TEDx


Published: Thursday 28th April 2016

  Jasvinder has visited many countries campaigning against forced marriage and honour based abuse.In the last year she has made live TV and radio appearances and addressed professionals and governments in Morocco, Canada, Australia and the USA.

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Survivor Ambassador Panel

Published: Thursday 28th April 2016

Why SAP? Many survivors of forced marriages and honour abuse are cast to one side by family members disowned and some experience painful fractured relationshiops with family. An experience I share with many with deep wounds and many scars that  often become less painful when shared with other survivors. Vision – 

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