Jasvinder Sanghera: New Adventures to Share!

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

I wished to share the news that I have decided to step down as Chief Executive Officer of Karma Nirvana.

I established Karma Nirvana as a result of personal experiences and the loss of my dear sister Robina whose death by suicide was a result of honour abuse. Much of my conviction was related to the fact that I would not allow Robina’s death to be in vain. Charities are often born out of personal experiences and their energy and passion drives them, often it becomes a sacrifice.

I have committed 25 years to break the silences of the victims, change, shape and create policy to tackle the scandal of honour based abuse and forced marriage. In the early years I couldn’t get more than two people to hear what I had to say! Today the landscape is very different and it has been an immense privilege to be part of the changes we can all share today, in tackling these abuses. This includes the Karma Nirvana national helpline, a government Forced Marriage Unit and much more awareness. I am also proud to say that I was instrumental in criminalising forced marriage in 2014.

As Karma Nirvana marks its 25th year it continues to pioneer in leading the way in these issues with a strong, committed team which I know will take KN forward into a new era. I wish to thank those of you that have been on this incredible journey and ask that you continue joining Karma Nirvana in their mission.

As for me and the burning question what next? I feel it is now the right time for a change of direction, be open to new opportunities and to take a little break, reflect and plan how best to make an even greater difference.

A stroppy campaigner never quits!

Watch this space

Jasvinder Sanghera CBE