Karma Nirvana launch survivor’s website

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

Survivor AmbassadorsThe Survivor Ambassador Panel was established in 2013 and enables survivors to come together in a safe space to share stories with like-minded individuals, reduce isolation and develop a new emerging community. It is for those who wish to rebuild their lives, often in absence of family or living with fractured relationships.

This newly developed website is dedicated to growing the achievements of survivors and hearing many unheard stories, making honour-based abuse and forced marriage a less of a hidden and taboo subject.

Through a digital community dedicated to conversation, regular newsletters, conferences, residential programmes and campaigning, we enable survivors from all backgrounds to find a sense of belonging, understanding and a way to move forward together.

Our vision is to empower survivors to live a fulfilled, independent lives embracing all the rights and freedoms of life in Britain.

Read about the stories of our current Survivors and some of their honourable contributions to the website, regaining their honour.

Visit the Karma Nirvana’s Survivor Ambassadors Panel website at https://www.knsap.org.uk/