Since the books have been published, Jasvinder has received many letters and emails from readers. The following are extracts from some of them.

Shame’ brought me an empowering stepping stone to make a change, and experience life outside four walls. When every other option failed, Shame became my guidance to map my escape and gather my belongings in order to achieve my dreams.’

‘I read Jasvinder’s book when my family disowned me. I did not know how to cope so I looked online and this is how I came across Jasvinder Sanghera’s name. I felt so alone and got some comfort from reading her book. It made me see there is life after, I could relate to her story, it gave me hope.’

‘I have just finished ‘Daughters of Shame’. I am a retired teacher and I could not believe my lack of knowledge. I will be recommending this book to my friends still teaching.’ I think this book should be required reading for every teacher, social worker, police officer and MP.’

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‘As a British Asian father of two wonderful children, the lights of my life, I hang my head in shame when I read or hear about these monstrous crimes, committed against these helpless young girls. I salute all of you brave ladies.’

‘I have just completed reading your book ‘Shame’. I have never been so moved, nor motivated to begin a campaign such as Karma Nirvana.’

‘I am writing to you as I have been reading your book ‘Shame’. I am a doctor and I quite often read books that I think will help me understand my patients better. I thank you for your honesty in the book. It has touch me. I feel it will help me understand many of my Asian patients better and I hope that I can help them more with a new insight into arranged marriage and abuse.’

 ‘I have just finished reading ‘Daughters of Shame as well as the previous book ‘Shame’. I just wanted to say how inspiring I found the stories featured! Having grown up in a white community, I was pretty detached from the Asian communities despite the fact that I am Indian! So, as a 16 year old it really shocked me that forced marriages and this type of abuse still occurs in Britain today. Moreover it was the fact that this happens to girls my age and even younger.’

‘You are a guiding light to so many women in the Asian community. I thank you immensely for sharing your honest truth and story of bravery with your readers. This impact will resonate with me for many months ahead. I am so grateful to have been blessed by your story of courage, self determination and how this organisation came to be, thank you Jasvinder, you are an insipration to so many.’